A Brief History of TGS

I go to THINK Global School, a traveling boarding high school — the first and only of its kind. We currently have 34 kids who, with our 16 teachers/residential life advisors, move from country to country every three to five months. I joined as a freshman in Sep 2011, which was the school’s second year in business (we’re young!).

Starting out in Ecuador, we lived predominately in a city called Cuenca, making short trips to dream destinations, namely the Tiputini Biodiversity Station in the Amazon Rainforest, several of the Galápagos Islands and the freezing alps of Chimborazo.

We then moved on to Chiang Mai, Thailand, rummaging through street markets in the ancient city’s nighttime buzz and sailing down the Chao Praya River.

- Our school year ended in Berlin, Germany. One word: wunderbar. Berlin is rich in history, a hip, new wave of artsy culture and a hotspot of new green developments. As we were winding down and starting to pack and prepare for home and the summer ahead, our school sprung upon us a splendid surprise: an Amazing Race. Over the next week, we, in our teams of four (TEAM YELLOW) traveled on trains and bikes and on foot across Europe, through Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria.

Needless to say, we are lucky kids. 

Dog Walkers of Argentina

Portrait: Captain Sparrow Impersonator

My sophomore year began in the midst of toasty maté and asados, riots and the literature of Borges and Quiroga at the heart of Argentina…Buenos Aires! Putting a new spin on our Spanish, we tested out the Argentine accent with “pojo” and “cajje,” walked the stylish streets of San Telmo and the archaic ones of Recoleta. Our hearts fell to our throats upon the sight of El Garganta del Diablo, the Devil’s Throat at Iguazú Falls. We cheered on football teams like La Boca, River Plate and Racing Club, enveloping into the blood-raging passion of the Argentine crowds and watched the legendary All Blacks play a rugby game against the Argentine Las Pumas.

Portrait: A Monk's Dimples A two-week intercession was spent in the obscure, quiet Asian nation of Bhutan. We landed in Paro and traveled by bus along winding roads that circled its Himalayan mountains. The policy of Gross National Happiness (our explanatory videos: one, twothreefourfive) intrigued our group, as we delved into the nation’s deep care for its religion, cultural heritage and environment.

Currently, we are in Boston, USA. Spending a week in America’s capital, Washington D.C., we met with many prominent figures who spoke to us, notably Reza Pahlavi (the son of the last Shah of Iran), Greg Simon (former Chief Domestic Policy Advisor to VP Al-Gore), and Jacqueline Birn (a woman who lived in hiding during WWII as a French Jew). A connecting theme: Don’t melt in to the silent majority.