Team Yellow in Salzburg

"The hillllllls are alive with the sound of music!"

Day 4 of the Amazing Race, Team Yellow/Cheese/Bumblebees/Calculator Cases arrived in Salzburg, home to both the classic film, The Sound of Music, and composer-pianist legend, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. As one of our challenges, we stuffed our incredibly 'legit' hiking bags with baguettes, sliced meats and cheese, fruits and (of course) Nutella for a lunch picnic along the river bank. We, with full bellies, proceeded to bring our Mozart duck (no literally, a rubber duck) to his birthhouse, the font in which he was baptized and the very large fountain outside the cathedral for a swim. Unfortunately still feeling extremely stuffed, we reached the pretzel challenge, which involved downing a giant pretzel with three mouths and a single hand holding it up. Surprisingly, the nausea of pretzel-overload hasn't suppressed my love for the Bavarian treat. I've further embarked on the journey to find the perfect 'apfelstrudel', learning that pastries doused in vanilla sauce and whipped cream are just not my cup of tea.

We later blasted back a century in to the past, taking vintage, 1900s sepia portraits of our teams - top hats, lace and all. The thrill of playing dress up, even at this age, never really wears off! Many of the groups took traditional posing to a whole new level (see Liam/Hudson and Y2). After, we made our way to the Salzburg Castle where our clues directed us to piggybacking each other and making a four-person pyramid. But what are TGS students, if not law breakers but law bend-twist-innovate-morph-ers? Four teams met at this fortress and decided to at first create one massive pyramid but upon failing thought to make two separate pyramids and connect them with a planking Alex! Balance = Success = Collapse = Teamwork = Communicate to Participate = Satisfaction.

Our day ended on a more sober note as we gathered in a circle next to the fountain our duckie swam in and rejoiced at the fulfillment of this trip, this trimester, this year, and this life. Our departing teachers and ResLife said a few words of what we've taught them and a last message of what they hope to have taught us. We thought on who we've appreciated and challenged (and been challenged by) and been frustrated with and crushed on (truth out!) and the people in this community who we cherish and - it's a big word but - LOVE, like family.