[포토 에세이] "터미널"

ISBN: 978-89-94015-70-5 03810


"Terminal" or "터미널" is 18-year old photographer Hannah Cho's breakout photo essay book, a collection of her travel photographs and writings that chronicles her emotional and intellectual development through three years at a traveling high school. It has been translated into Korean and was published by Seoul-based Mujin Tree Publishing House in November 2014. Currently it is only available for purchase in its translated Korean edition.

It contains photographs capturing the people and culture of her temporary homes and essays reflecting on the emotional struggles of culture shock and growing up away from home in constantly changing environments. "Terminal" is the work that concludes Hannah's years as a traveler, high-schooler and child; it tells the story of a unique education and the transformation of a girl from it.

An excerpt:
"I sense it the first night I am home for summer break — the awareness of feeling inwardly foreign to my own family. Everything is the same: the smell of laundry detergent that floats above my bed, the times of day my dog is taken out for a walk, the passcode at the front door. Everything, but me. I feel clumsy in my house. I can’t remember which drawer the spoons go into."

"Who are we when we travel? Are we what we do? What we eat, as they say? If this is true, then I am nothing but stillness and an overpriced ice-cream sundae ordered from room service to Room 315."


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Featured in the December 4, 2014 issue of JoongAng Ilbo (중안일보)
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