Experiments in Creativity ft. Sticky Baby


Remember this time last year when I photographed five shivering young men in sheer, silk suits, parading them along the streets of the Upper West Side á la Abbey Road and onto the steps of Public School 75 Emily Dickinson? The show the photographs were to promote—Columbia's Korean Students Association Culture Show—is back again. 

With slightly less public confusion and just one model this time around, I did another photoshoot for their 2017 show, which takes place this Thursday (event details here). 

I loved playing around in post with paint strokes and fresh thoughts—being creative in the original sense of the word. I still feel groggy like I'm breaking out of a creative coma, to put it dramatically, but projects like these always seem to bring me a little closer.

Model: Natalia Briones
Wearing: Sticky Baby (Amanda Litzinger)
Assistant: Yoon-Ah Han