Tableaus outside a Tuk-Tuk

Hyderabad, India. Back in this city, a former home back in late 2013, over the last three days of December for a wedding, these are images taken on a four-hour tuk-tuk ride with one of my oldest friends Charis. Some were taken looking out from the moving rickshaw, others from the street as I jumped out to explore a wall or a curious door or the Islamic flags that decorate many neighborhoods in this Muslim-majority area - to our driver's absolute bewilderment.

I can't quite explain it, but I felt incredibly sane this day, my mind clearer than it had been maybe all year. Something about being in a sort of familiar place with dear company, something about noise and dusty wind, something about almost getting hit by a tuk-tuk or a bony cow dragging a man atop a cart brought a clarity and a quietness to my mind. 2015 was (as my tragically overdue year-in-review post will consider) a difficult year of huge change.

What these days in Hyderabad gave me was the chance to think less, to be unchained to my environment, unburdened by trying to "adjust well." Instead I simply was. I saw, I danced, I laughed. Sometimes that is all it takes.