Santorini Photo Diary


Flight Aegean 348.

Santorini, Greece. This is where our three week senior trip began, and I remember sitting on the bus in from the airport with the window slid open, wind pouring in and making even the little wisps at my hairline dance, hearing shouts of excitement, listening for the trumpet in a Beirut song. Life in Athens city does not prepare you for the sense of space the islands have, with a vast deep blue ocean -  so clear that standing in the water, looking from above, the pink of my toenails glow through - breaking against cliffs hugged by clusters of buildings that despite the business of their collective landscape are as individuals clean and geometric.

We stay only a few days, before we board a beautiful boat named the Matina to sail the Cyclades. 

We explore the Old Port of Fira, get ice cream and hike down to Athinios Port with pinched noses, carefully dodging donkey shit and the donkeys (a sad sight) themselves to wait for the boat.

Setting sail from Athinios Port, we hike up the island of Palea Kameni, where the smell of sulfur stings the air. We swim in the warm water, dine on the boat at sunset, play UNO. Nobody vomits and we sail on.


Day 2

Sitting by the beach after amazing omelets at Tranquilo, flipping through a 2011 copy of Apartamento, I decide to make the conscious effort to try something new every day, surprise myself. 

After a few hours in the water, scuba diving or snorkeling, we slowly explored the stretch of the beach. First surprise? Among the ones of us who climbed up the sharp rocks to the top of the cliff that rounded out the beach and dove off into the blue blue water that seemed much further away than perhaps it really was, I was one of them. 

Day 3

Not many photos from today except this exceptionally dorky one of me taken by Ale. We are just a few minutes into what turned out to be a 20km bike ride to the black sand beach. The sun melts our picnics of cheese and crackers and the hot sand is inescapable. 

We get back sticky and sweaty to be told we have minutes before our senior portraits are to be taken. After panicked showers, sitting in the sun trying to dry drenched hair and a photo session with Lindsay, we go off for dinner altogether and then gelato, a game of UNO and the beach where the white moon shines in the water.

Off to Ios.