A Balancing Act

Sometimes this city gets into your head. Suddenly, you can't remember the last time you heard silence, the last time you weren't woken up by car horn honks or doors slamming, the last time you woke up on your own, opened your eyes and felt calm. You tilt your head up to the sky and hate that you can't just look up and see blue, that the corners of buildings are always intruding. With this, it is difficult to have any of kind of perspective, any kind of clarity. So on October 16, after exactly six wonderful, exciting and impossibly overwhelming weeks in New York City, on a crazy whim, I bought a ticket to Amherst via Springfield via New Haven to visit one of my favorite people at her green, nature-centered hippie paradise. The weekend can perhaps be summed up in the following images plus vegan burritos, bagels, thrift shopping and autumn leaves. 

On the Peter Pan bus back, I felt ready to see the city as I had seen it before, a place where you can run into Leonardo DiCaprio on the steps of the Whitney, or go to the launch of the THINX sports panty, meet a different person and try something new every single day - simply put, a place of immense culture and possibility.

When you need to get away, that's O.K. It's not an insult. It's a change of pace, a change in scenery. It's a balancing act.