Photos from Ubud, Bali [35mm color]

Unfortunately, due to idiocy/inexperience, my entire first roll of film from Bali was lost. This is what is left.

Losing photographs like that (opening the back before I'd rewinded the entire roll, freaking out, getting depressed and proceeding to mope around for the rest of the day) was a first for me, having only shot digital in the past. It made me want to throw myself into the hills of rice paddies in frustration and pound my head into hotel pillows. In the end -- though I will NEVER say I'm glad it happened because I was seriously excited for those photos -- I know for certain that I will not make the same mistakes again.

Shooting digital, I hardly ever thought about the processes that were happening as I was taking photos. But with film, I am conscious of it all: The hits. The misses. The creative and destructive power of light and time.