Night Train to Chiang Mai

For Yuan Yuana truly good sport.

Grade Nine's final day,
sailing the seas,
young Y-Squared became
unnerved, ill at ease.

Affectionate Andy -
mischievous, too
began the legend
that his prank has now come to.

Wide-eyed and trusting,
and foolishly so,
albeit a quick exchange of looks
how could she have known?

All plotting together,
we caught up real quick,
convincing the poor girl
she’d lost all her things.

“You left your bags in your room?”
Shrieking, “But didn’t you know,
we’re shipping them to Bangkok!”
She cast her eyes down low.
“I didn’t! I didn’t! No, I didn’t know!”

With groans,
“Oh Yuan Yuan!”
and sighs,
“Oh dear!”
the thespian Niners terrified our peer.

On the brink of tears,
it was time to close
before the humor ended
and the drama arose.

offered a schedule with a sigh.
Yuan whimpered sadly,
“There’s nothing about Chiang Mai.”

He barked, “Read it again!
Out loud, this time!”
With a quiet, meek voice
she read down to the line
that stated, quite simply
"Night Train to Chiang Mai."